Admissions & Financial Aid

Admissions & Financial Aid

Say Thank You for a Scholarship!

Saying a personal "thank you" to the alumni and friends of the School of Law who have contributed to student scholarship support is a wonderful way to acknowledge their gift and perhaps to secure gifts for future generations of students. If writing thank you notes isn't on your list of Top-10 strengths, consult one or more of these sources for guidance and inspiration. Acknowledging the generosity and achievements of others will repay you many times over in the respect and good will you will earn!

A sample from Michelle Hardy, Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations:

Student's Name
Student's Address
City, State Zip


Mr. or Ms. Scholarship Benefactor or Representative Company (if applicable)
Benefactor's address
City, State Zip

Dear Mr. or Ms. Benefactor (Dear Sir or Madam if name unknown):

Thank you for the opportunity you have made possible through the scholarship program at University of South Carolina School of Law. I have been awarded the (name of your) Scholarship for Academic Year 2014-15.

I am a (first, second, third) year law student, and I work/enjoy/appreciate … I am a member of xyz association … volunteer for xyz …

Thank you again for your generous support. I hope to someday to be in a position to assist others in achieving their goals, as you have done for me through this meaningful scholarship.

Sincerely/Warmest regards/Yours truly,


[Your Name]