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The Future of Copyright Law

The Future of Copyright Law

October 12, 2007
8:30 am – 6 pm
Law School Auditorium
Reception to follow for all attendees
Free and open to the public
CLE credit may be available

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"The Future of Copyright Law" is an ambitious symposium bringing together scholars from the United States to discuss the future of copyright law, through competing predictions, visions, and even warnings about the likely evolution of copyright law in the United States and around the world.

This conference will be of interest to lawyers, authors, artists, musicians, journalists, computer software writers, and anyone with an interest in learning about copyright law.

Professor Margaret Chon (Professor of Law & Director, Center for the Study of Justice in Society, Seattle University School of Law) will present the keynote address, "From Web 3.0 to La Jetée: Back to the Future of Copyright Law".

Other Invited Speakers Include:

Michael Carroll, "Copyright's Empire or Copyright's Federation? The Future of Tailoring Rights in Copyright Law"
Professor of Law
Villanova University School of Law

Julie Cromer, "Copyright for the Jetsons"
Associate Professor of Law
Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Abraham Drassinower, "The Future of Copyright: Remarks on the Situation in Canada"
Associate Professor
Chair in the Legal, Ethical and Cultural Implications of Technological Innovation
University of Toronto Faculty of Law

Christine Galbraith, "Questioning the Future Relevance of Copyright Law"
Associate Professor of Law
University of Maine School of Law

Daniel Gervais, "Copyright: Towards New Internal and External Equilibria"
Dean & Professor of Law
University Research Chair in Intellectual Property
Osler Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law
University of Ottawa Faculty of Law

Llewellyn Gibbons, "Indecent Exposure to International Sanctions: The Immoral Rights of Authors Under TRIPS and the Family Movie Act"
Associate Professor of Law
University of Toledo College of Law

Debora Halbert, "Skipping through the Desert of the Real: Future Copyright Landscapes"
Associate Professor of Political Science
Chair, Department of History and Political Science
Otterbein College

Donald Harris, "The Rebirth of Copyright: The Aftermath of the DMCA"
Assistant Professor of Law
Temple University Beasley School of Law

Steven Hetcher, "The Future of Copyright: The Propertization of User­Generated Content"
Professor of Law
Vanderbilt University Law School

David Lange, "No Law: Intellectual Property in the Image of an Absolute First Amendment"
Melvin G. Shimm Professor of Law
Duke University School of Law

Lili Levi, "Communications, Copyright, Culture"
Professor of Law
University of Miami School of Law

Doris Long, "In the Year 2025, If Copyright Survives... "
Professor of Law
John Marshall Law School

Lydia Loren, "The Remedies Revolution"
Professor of Law
Lewis & Clark Law School

Deborah Tussey, "Beyond Locke and Lobbyists: an Empirical Approach"
Professor of Law
Oklahoma City University School of Law

Alfred Yen, "The Developing Future of Third Party Copyright Liability After Grokster"
Professor of Law
Boston College Law School

Peter Yu, "The Future of International Copyright"
Professor of Law
Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law
Director, Intellectual Property Law Center
Drake University Law School

Diane Zimmerman, "Cultural Preservation: Fear of Drowning in the Licensing Swamp"
Samuel Tilden Professor of Law
New York University School of Law