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Opportunities Available at SELJ

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SELJ members have a unique opportunity to be an integral part of a Journal because, like most legal journals, SELJ is entirely student-run. Students select, edit, and produce every article in every issue of every volume. SELJ works very hard to produce quality work, but the Journal also offers a friendly and fun atmosphere. SELJ consistently strives to produce interesting, timely, and high-quality articles, while also providing a stimulating atmosphere.

The Benefits of Membership

Membership in SELJ provides South Carolina law students with invaluable skills and opportunities that can be used in future legal careers.

SELJ members will become familiar with current issues in environmental law and will develop an appreciation for the subject. Environmental Law is a large umbrella, covering a variety of topics, including conservation, international law, environmental justice, pollution regulation, economics, and more. Participation on SELJ is both worthwhile and stimulating; work on the Journal results in a valuable contribution to the field of environmental law. Often SELJ members can use this knowledge in summer jobs and future careers. Environmental lawyers look for membership on SELJ.
SELJ members develop their writing and editing skills. The ability to edit can improve one's own writing skills, and good writing and editing abilities are useful for lawyers. Additionally, each member is required to write a Student Note, which provides an opportunity to hone writing and research skills. Many lawyers seek membership on a Journal when looking to hire new associates.
Getting Published
In order to remain a member in good standing, each first-year SELJ member is required to write a Student Note. Many SELJ students use this requirement to their advantage: they turn their student note into the 30-page paper required for USC School of Law graduation. Additionally, two student notes are chosen for publication in each issue of SELJ (four per year). Being a published law student is quite an honor and SELJ members benefit from this exposure.
SELJ offers an outlet for students to work on a Journal that publishes interesting and unique articles, while at the same time having fun. SELJ members strive to maintain a light atmosphere full of food, get-togethers, and relaxation time. The SELJ office is not only a place to work, but a comfortable and inviting place to hang out, get a snack, and chat between classes.

Overall, SELJ seeks to be a distinguished member of the academic field, while at the same time providing a supportive and friendly atmosphere for South Carolina law students desiring membership on a Journal. While some SELJ members are indeed environmentally active and participants of the Environmental Law program at USC, everyone is welcome to become a member of this unique and stimulating Journal.

Why Join SELJ?

  • Opportunity to hold positions on a legal publication as a 2L and 3L.
  • Familiarity with legal scholarship.
  • Improving critical analytical and writing skills.
  • Introduction to basic skills such as Bluebooking and source-citing in preparation for the graduation writing requirement and upper-level courses.
  • Opportunity to be published.