Meet the Faculty

Meet the Faculty


"Rekindling the Spirit of Brown v. Board of Education," panel moderator and presenter addressing "Barriers to Equal Educational Opportunity for Children of Color." Remarks of presenters now under consideration for publication by the Berkeley African-American Law and Policy Report,the Berkeley Asian Law Journal, the Berkeley La Raza Journal,the Berkeley Women's Law Journal, and the California Law Review in forthcoming collaborative symposium editions of those journals. UC Berkeley Boalt Hall Center for Social Justice Symposium, November,2003.


"Escaping the Circle by Confronting Classroom Stereotyping: A Step Toward Equality in the Daily Educational Experience of Children of Color", 6 Afr.-Am. L.& Pol'y Rep. 134; 11 Asian L.J. 216; 15 Berkeley La Raza L.J. 7, Berkeley Women's L. J. 335 (2004).

"Preparing for Learnfare: Setting the Conditions for a Questionable Experiment," 22 Clearinghouse Review 1060-73 (Feb. 1989).

Works in Progress

"Zelman's Submerged Narrative: Race and the Fallacy of Vouchers as Brown's Fulfillment".

"Inward Looking Affirmative Action: Race Consciousness, Institutional Self-Examination, and Corrective Experimentation in American Public Schools".

"Developmental Due Process and School Discipline: The Necessity of Integrating Child Psychology Into School Responses to Student Behavior".

"Defending the Constitutional Faith: Defining the Parameters of Religious Expression in the Military".

"Intersecting Identities: Formulating Constitutional Rules of Attribution for Religious Speech in Public Schools".

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