Meet the Faculty

Meet the Faculty

Burnele Venable Powell


"Standing to Sue in Court and Distributive Justice," (Nags Head Conference Center: Conference on Justice, and Law, Nags Head, N.C., June 1983)

"Will the Federal Agencies Come to Order: The Non-use of Section 554(e) of the APA," (Faculty Colloquium, March 1985)

"Current Developments in North Carolina Real Estate Law," (Speaker, Annual Spring Real Property Section Seminar, Pinehurst, N.C., April 13, 1985)

"Agency Use of Administrative Declaratory Orders: If You Don't Swing, You Can't Hit!" (Speaker, Thirty-second Plenary Session of the Administrative Conference of the United States, Washington, D.C., June 20, 1986)

"There Are 'Conflicts' in this Environment Too" (Panelist, NCBA Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section Annual Meeting, Pinehurst, N.C. June 3, 1988)

Seventh Annual North Carolina Evidence Seminar, (Panelist, June 4, 1988)

National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Deposition Program (Instructor, June 17, 1988)

"The Supreme Court Takes A Look at Drug-Testing," U.N.C. School of Law Faculty Colloquium (October 1988)

"The Supreme Court Takes A Look at Drug-Testing," University of Colorado School of Law Faculty Colloquium (December 1988)

"The Future of Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement: The Meaning of Morals in a Multivalent Context," U.N.C. Law School Perspectives Lecture (September 1990)

Judicial Conference of the Louisiana Supreme Court, "Judicial Responses to Lawyer Misconduct (New Orleans, October 1990)

ABA 17th National Conference on Professional Responsibility (Scottsdale, Arizona May 1991)

Federalist Society Debate: "Resolve that Judge Clarence Thomas Should Be Confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice [Opposing]" (Chapel Hill, September 9, 1991)

John Turner Professionalism Lecture, South Texas College of Law (March 10, 1993): "Lawyer Professionalism as Ordinary Morality"

Conference on Judicial and Legal Ethics in China and the United States: The Lawyer Disciplinary Process," (Fudan Law School, Peking University, May 27, 2000)

2002-2003 Howard Lichtenstein Distinguished Legal Ethics Lecture: The Limits of Morality: Why the Cabinets Need Locks," Hofstra School of Law, November 2002.

"Can the Public University Survive?" Unitarian Forum: All Souls Unitarian Church, May 10, 2003.

Burnele Venable Powell

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