Memory Hold The Door

George Louis Dial (1900–1983)

George Dial was born October 4, 1900 and resided in Columbia until his death on October 30, 1983. He attended The Citadel and received B.S. and LL.B. degrees from the University of South Carolina. Following graduation in 1924, he joined R. Beverley Herbert and this association lasted fifty years.

He married Caroline Banks in 1924 and their children, Caroline and George, Jr., three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren survive. His wife died in 1958, and in 1976, he married Caroline McKissick Belser, who also survives.

George Dial was a maticulous, highly competent and skilled civil practitioner. He loved the law and greatly respected the judiciary. Lawyers frequently sought his advice which was freely given. He had a keen sense of humor and often related humorous anecdotes on his outdoor activities (golf, hunting and fishing) and his profession.

His mark was his honesty and impeccable integrity. This outstanding attorney and devoted family man will be long remembered.