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Student Organizations

Student Bar Association

About the Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program helps each of you adjust to life as a first year law student and provides ways for you to meet the other students in your 1L class. Your Mentors will be with you from the first day of orientation until the last day of your exams next spring. They will have events like dinners and happy hours both with your Small Group and combined with other Small Groups. Mentors will explain step by step how to make a useful outline and provide you with examples of outlines. Also, anytime you have questions, whether about school, navigating Columbia, or life in general, your mentors will be there and will do everything they can to help you find answers (the first skill of a good lawyer- knowing where to find the answer!).

This year, like any other, will have its stressful times. Whether you feel like a professor picks on you every class, you're tired of getting lost in Columbia, or you're just frustrated because your significant other doesn't understand what you're going through, make sure you take advantage of the great resource you have in your Mentors. If your mentor hasn't been through it, then there is at least one of us who has and can understand what you're feeling. So please give us a call, email, or send smoke signals and we'll be more than happy to do whatever we can.

Mentors aren't just there to help out in the stressful times though, we're also there to make sure you relax and enjoy law school. We'll do our best to show you Columbia and the great spots for you to feel at home and pursue your interests, from intramural sports and biking, to art museums and theaters, and don't forget the nightlife. But this isn't a one-way relationship, so if you find a great new place, let us know. While some of us may have been here our whole lives and others just a year, we always like having fun somewhere new.