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Where are they now?

Karen Lear Edwards

What firm/organization are you working with now?
USC - College of HRSM

What kind of pro bono or volunteer work have you been involved in?
At USC, I am a regular presenter at the University's Center for Teaching Excellence, and currently chair the Faculty Senate's Intellectual Property Committee, as well as the College of HRSM's Alumni Committee and Teacher of the Year Committee. Last semester, I implemented a food drive for Harvest Hope in my classes by asking each student to bring food items to donate at the final exam. Service in the community includes longtime member and first past chair of the Coker College Board of Trustees, a board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia, and a longtime member of the South Carolina Bar Association's Law Related Education Committee.

What are the main reasons why you would recommend that law students become involved in pro bono work?
As Marian Wright Edelman says, "Service is the rent we pay to be living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time."

How would you encourage current law students to get involved with the Pro Bono program?
Through the many opp's made available through the Law School's Pro Bono office - thanks, Pam!

Has pro bono work contributed to your sense of career satisfaction?

Did your experiences in the Pro Bono program at USC prepare you or benefit you in your career?

In your career, have you seen an overlap between your volunteer work and your sense of your own place in the community and the legal profession?

How do pro bono efforts fit in to the work of the South Carolina Bar?
Again, it's easy because of the many opp's made available through the bar association.

What kind of perceptions, positive or negative, do you think that the bar as a whole has about attorneys who are actively involved in pro bono work?
I think most lawyers would say they support pro bono efforts. However, I think there's still an underlying concern that when you're doing pro bono work, you're taking away from rainmaking/hourly billing.

What is most memorable/best experience you had during your law school career through the Pro Bono program?
Crop Walk

What does the 20th Anniversary of the Pro Bono program mean to you?
Glad to hear it's still going strong - more than ever!

What is your most cherished memory with Pam?
The fact that even though it's 10 years and thousands of students later, she still remembers me!