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Where are they now?

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Pro Bono Program

Where are they now?

Dan Goldberg

What firm/organization are you working with now?
Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office

What kind of pro bono or volunteer work have you been involved in?
Richland County CASA, formerly known as Guardian ad Litem

What are the main reasons why you would recommend that law students become involved in pro bono work?
It is always rewarding to help those that are unable to help themselves.

How would you encourage current law students to get involved with the Pro Bono program?
Get as much information as possible and try to see as much live court as possible so that you can get an understanding of how much your time and effort is truly needed.

Has pro bono work contributed to your sense of career satisfaction?
No question about it.

Did your experiences in the Pro Bono program at USC prepare you or benefit you in your career?
It helped prepare me for what it would be like to really and truly try to help someone.

How do pro bono efforts fit in to the work of the South Carolina Bar?
There should always be a place for pro bono work in the Bar.

What kind of perceptions, positive or negative, do you think that the bar as a whole has about attorneys who are actively involved in pro bono work?
Pro Bono attorneys are often perceived as hardworking and caring.

What is most memorable/best experience you had during your law school career through the Pro Bono program?
Helping to reunite a family that had been separated due to some unfortunate circumstances.

What does the 20th Anniversary of the Pro Bono program mean to you?
I'm proud to know that USC law students have been contributing for two decades.

What is your most cherished memory with Pam?
Nothing in her particular - just her overall caring attitude towards doing what she can to improve the lives of others. Pam gets to comment " I still have the letter to the editor written by Dan when he was a student. He spoke with such clarity and passion about being a guardian ad litem and difference regular people can make in the life a child."