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Perspectives on Justice, October 30-31, University of South Carolina School of Law

Perspectives on Justice

October 30-31, 2009
University of South Carolina School of Law

On October 30-31, the University of South Carolina School of Law hosted “Perspectives on Justice,” a symposium at which nationally-recognized legal scholars addressed a variety of contemporary social justice issues. The speakers discussed a wide range of topics, including the racially disparate impact of U.S. tax policy, access to affordable prescription medicines in developing countries, and the conflict between private contract theory and public claims for restorative justice seeking relief from predatory loans. Professor Eric Yamamoto, an internationally-renowned law professor at the University of Hawai’i William S. Richardson School of Law, delivered the keynote speech, “Social Healing Through Justice: An Approach to Rethinking Reconciliation.” In his presentation, he emphasized that meaningful reconciliation requires more than empty apology. Reconciliation requires recognition of harm, acceptance of responsibility for harm, effective redress for harm, and reconstruction of the social order both to rectify past transgressions and pave the way for social healing. “Perspectives on Justice” was one of the first national conferences to recognize and build on the multidisciplinary nature of justice scholarship. Through a roundtable discussion format, participants engaged with each other’s ideas and collaborated to advance their shared mission of social justice.

Eric Yamamoto delivers his keynote address

Eric Yamamoto

Eric Yamamoto

Eric Yamamoto

Symposium participants listen as Gabriel J. (Jack) Chin speaks on the immigration status effects on criminal law

Symposium participants

Symposium participants

Symposium participants

Thursday, October 29 (USC School of Law Auditorium)

7 PM
Film screening of “Morristown: In the Air and Sun” with Fran Ansley, Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Tennessee College of Law in Knoxville.

Shuttle from the USC School of Law to the Inn at USC

Friday, October 30 (Eighth Floor Boardroom, Daniel Management Center)

Emma Coleman Jordan, Georgetown University Law Center
Wealth and Inequality, Thinking About Communities and Individualism: Economic Connection in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Frances Lee Ansley, University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Law
ICE Raids as a Test Case on the Constraining Power of Legal Ideology: Thoughts toward a talk in South Carolina

Kimberly D. Bailey, Chicago-Kent College of Law
There Is a Stranger in My House: Re-Examining the Criminal Justice System’s “Political” Treatment of “Private” Violence

Alfred Brophy, University of North Carolina School of Law
University, Court, and Slave: Thomas Cobb’s Inquiry into Negro Slavery

Dorothy A. Brown, Emory University School of Law
Tax Reform from a Race and Class Perspective

Montre D. Carodine, University of Alabama School of Law
Keeping it Real: Reforming the “Untried Conviction” Impeachment Rule

Lunch & Keynote address: Eric Yamamoto, University of Hawaii, William S. Richardson School of Law
Social Healing Through Justice: An Approach to Rethinking Reconciliation

Gabriel J. (Jack) Chin, University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law
Immigration Status Effects on Criminal Law (with Doralina Skidmore)

Julian A. Cook, University of Georgia School of Law
The Decline of the Exclusionary Rule

Andrea L. Dennis, University of Kentucky College of Law
Beyond Victims of Sexual Perverts: Expanding Shielding to All Juvenile Witnesses

Elizabeth M. Glazer, Hofstra University School of Law
Transforming Antidiscrimination Law (with Zachary Kramer)

Michele B. Goodwin, University of Minnesota Law School
Teen Sex and the Law

Saturday, October 31 (Eighth Floor Boardroom, Daniel Management Center)

9:00-9:25 AM
Cynthia M. Ho, Loyola University Chicago School of Law
In Transit (Patent) Infringement: Trouble Under TRIPS and Beyond

Guadalupe T. Luna, Northern Illinois University College of Law
Agricultural Law: Trailer Courts, Cahuilla Indians and Purépecha Indian Farmworkers

Huyen Pham, Texas Wesleyan University School of Law
The Economic Impact of Subfederal Immigration Regulation: An Empirical Analysis (with Van Pham)

L. Song Richardson, DePaul University College of Law
Under the Influence: A Behavioral Realist Approach to the Fourth Amendment

Wadie E. Said, University of South Carolina School of Law
The Material Support Prosecution: When Foreign Policy Goals Clash with Humanitarian Concerns

Kami Chavis Simmons, Wake Forest University School of Law
Using Congressional Spending Power to Promote Police Accountability